Knitting faster… or trying to

So, I am trying to learn how to knit faster. The super-long scarf I am knitting for my boyfriend has finally driven me to it. Yup, this is the scarf that makes you want to learn how to knit faster LOL! I throw my yarn, completely taking my right hand off the needle to do so, and it slows me down considerably. This is how most of us learn, before eventually migrating to a more efficient style.  So 34 stitches by 288 rows later, I am resigned:  I must change my technique.


I found this video  by Felicia from The Craft Sessions, which demonstrates 4 different methods. I’m quite fascinated by Lever Knitting/Irish Cottage Knitting and I definitely intend to give that a go, but I’ve started with Continental Knitting, which should speed up both knit and purl stitches. You can see my attempt above… lots of mistakes in those first few rows. Unfortunately, I am not finding it particularly intuitive. Once I get the hang of it, I’m off to a brisk pace, but the next day I can’t seem to remember how to wind the yarn around the righthand needle and I have to look up a video again. Ugh, frustrating, because it’s not a difficult style to learn at all! I’m almost finished my boyfriend’s scarf, so I’m certainly not going to mess with the gauge by changing knitting styles on that project, but I do want to pick up the pace, so that I can make more things 🙂